About Us FX’ers

How We Operate:

If you have the skill:  we give you the opportunity. 
Unlike the line at Hollywood Hills parties, we don’t value your human worth by your follower count. Crazy right? 

Our Marketplace

Here, expert and undiscovered Creators alike can submit their digital products to us. Here’s the secret: if they’re good, then you get put on the website. Simple as that. Send us a DM or email creators@creatorfxbundle.com to apply. 

Our Community

Here, expert and undiscovered Creators alike fight to the death! Ahh just pulling your leggie woo mate, no murders here. Our goal for our communities is to share ideas, share opportunities, and connect our diverse Creator communities from around planet Earth. Mars you’re next. #ThanksElon


**(read this note)

Our Brand: Creator FX relies on our duality of the humble ego’d entrepreneur and the class comedian. They cannot survive without one another or we become too polarized. Sometimes it is important to separate them to create an understanding of each more clearly. And i’ve got a little secret there matie mate: one of those times is right now.  

Our Comedic Voice:

How to Pronounce: “Creator FUX”

We like to laugh. With our friends, at the influencer culture, and especially at ourselves. It keeps us sane and helps us enjoy the process while we create dreams for our ego. Yeah, we’re deep bro 🦋. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, or flex our abdominal muscles too hard because we know that our mission is absolute freedom baby.  

Late one night in the summer of good ole 2020, an idea came to us while cracking jokes with friends on how cringe we all look advertising “The Best Presets on the Internet” The best this, the best that. Most of it is untrue. And everyone knows it. About 10 minutes into this maniacal tirade, my friend Navi said, “So you’re name is Creator FX right?” That is correct Navaloo. He continued, “What if you said it exactly how it looks, like FFFFFKKKS.” Boom. Aaaaand that was when I started jumping up and down like a little girl saying NO FUX’n way NO FUX’in way. This launched us into countless fits of belly laughs, knee slaps, and hysteria while we came up with ad after FX’n ad until we ended with a good ole bro hug. FX’n, FUX, and Creator FUX were all born that evening in Kauai, and we combined those ideas with our goods friends Samuel L Newton and Jakob Burkardt to create pieces of comedic art that were the fire under our ass and the belly laughs in our diaphragm on our CFX store launch day. This spirit of being able to satirize ourselves and the community around us is what has helped us hone in on our brand voice and keep our egos grounded. 

Example: Our Community welcome post

Welcome Creator Compadre! Picture yourself on a large white sandy beach, dotted with influencers of all shapes and shades, you're talking about what you love, your passions, your "My Reel 2016", your new presets, Instagram's algorithm in 2015, and of course your last trip to Bali.

This is here. This is The Creator Community.

Okay. Yes, we like to have some fun at our own expense.

On a real note, we want to make this a place for us. For our niche to put all bullshit aside and share/do as you please.

It's a hub, a courtyard, and the basement in 'That 70's Show'. Now go frolic my friend, frolic your heart out in the plains of community.creatorfx.io

Our Humble Ego’d Entrepreneur Voice: 

How to Pronounce: “Creator EFF X”

Our ideas can change who we are. Creator FX was built on the idea that great things come from people who choose to live boldly. Take a deep breath. Allow yourself to take a step back and think of the word “Creator”. Creator is possibly the most powerful word in human language. Spirituality aside, what is the human race without creation? Everything that you see in the world today came from an idea, a thought, a musing. Can you guess the only reasons why anything at all was created? Action + Belief. Creator FX was built on belief in the individual. The belief of breaking away from the 9-5 and ‘Making Your Own Luck’: taking action. 

We’re creating a new narrative in the Creator space. One that supports the real path of creators without promoting jealousy of the “influencer” lifestyle. A space, a creator hub of the internet that promotes substance and authenticity. While we are open to everyone: We are not for everyone. We are for the bold, the reckless, the class clowns, the freedom seekers, the dreamers, the do-ers… We are for the Creators. 

This brings us here:

We know that if we go it alone forever, we’re going to #1 get bored and #2 go insane. That’s why we want to build this together. As the ancient proverb goes: “If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together.” Thank you ancient folk. In that respect: Every aspect of our history has relied on collaboration. 

  • The Bundle: A collaboration between industry leading creators with an audience promoting a singular bundled product

  • The Creator FX Marketplace: A collaboration between creators who make their own digital products
  • The Creator FX Community/Discord: A collaboration of ideas, a beautifully flowing conversation, an ecosystem which with your help we can reach the world

The Creator Community. It’s where deeper connections forged between Creators in all industries can lead to discovery and growth. Together, we’re building a trusted and vibrant ecosystem fueled by incredibly terrible ideas and the Creators who make this a reality.