Why You Must Publish Your Work (Even If It’s Only For 1 Person)

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Words by Reese Hopper


Think of the time you laughed the hardest. I’m talking painful belly laughter, with tears streaming down your face. It probably wasn’t at a joke by the most famous comedian. It was probably with a few close friends at something that wouldn’t be funny to anyone else. 

Think of the writing that touched you on the deepest level. It was probably a letter from a close friend. Think the most memorable performance you’ve ever seen. It’s probably by a local songwriter who works at a  marketing agency now. Think of the meal you’d eat if it was your last. It’s probably your mother’s or father’s cooking.

The things that mean the most to us aren’t made by New York Times best selling authors, or Grammy Award winning artists, or Michelin Star chefs. The things that mean the most to us are from our community. 

Local art is what means the most to us. 

But as creators, we get shy. We get self-conscious. We compare ourselves to capitalistic rating systems of art. Of course we don’t sing or cook or write as well as acclaimed professionals. But that doesn’t mean our work is not meaningful. 

If we hide our work from our community because we don’t think it’s good enough, we rob the people closest to us the most meaningful experiences of their lives. 

So, creator, I say this to you. Create. Publish your work. Share it with your friends and family. This simple act is so much more important than you could ever realize. And, in fact, on the way to growing an audience, this is the first step to getting there. 

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