Freelance Work Is Never 100% Pure

Freelance : Client.gif


Words by Reese Hopper


Anytime a client is involved, your work will change.  

Anytime an audience is involved, your work will change. 

If you’re creating only for yourself, that’s the only time your work will be 100% pure. 

Maybe the reason you feel underwhelmed or stressed out by freelancing is because you’re expecting your freelance work to be 100% pure. If you’re doing it for other people, it won’t be. Clients have marketing objectives they need to meet. Customers desire a certain timeline and quality. Audiences have tastes and expectations for the kind of content they’ll get. 

Maybe it’s best to separate your work in two categories. The first category is work you do for yourself. The second category is work you do for others. 

The catch here? Make sure you carve out time consistently to do work for yourself. It’ll keep you from burning out, and it will challenge your creative capacities. 

Good luck out there.

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